Thursday, April 19, 2007

socks and booties update

Well, it seems that I've not had a whole lot of progress...but when I look at what I've's not like I've been lolygagging! One of the ladies in our office is expecting a baby soon and the office held a shower which I was unable to I knit a pair of booties for her. I think part of it was that I was itching to start something new...I wanted to try my hand at a shawl that I have a pattern and yarn for, but alas, the yarn I had was in hanks and needed to to wound. I am so lucky to have a friend (Annie) with a swift and a ball winder and I made good use of it today. I wound the 4 hanks of yarn that I had for the scarf and 2 koigu hanks I had for socks. All is wound and I will soon be ready to start. Once again, I'll be looking for a pattern for the socks - they have to be just the right pair you know!

I'm still continuing work on my Potamus socks. They are really way cool! I also started a pair of short ribbed socks from my Cascade fixation effects yarn. I have nearly a skein left over from a pair of socks I knit last year and decided to combine the Effects yarn with a solid color for the heel and toe. When I get further along with these socks, I'll post a picture. The ribbed socks are a nice break...sort of mindless knitting...from the pattern of Potamus.

I'll update you when I get more done! Happy knitting to all of you. If anyone has any ideas for the Koigu yarn...drop me a line!


Annie said...

Oh, Rasa, you silly girl! Do I have ideas for your Koigu?! I have 2 binders full of sock patterns, plus 4 sock pattern books. You are welcome to look through them;I'm sure you'll find something perfect for your yarn.

linda said...

Wow! That booty sure went fast! so great to see you yesterday!

Shelley said...

Thanks for joining the One Sock Two Sock webring!

Your booties are adorable and I'm sure the expectant mother will love them for her little one!