Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Raveled up in Ravelry

I finally got my Ravelry invitation and have spent some time on that a result, my blog has suffered due to lack of attention!

I finally finished my sweater! Top down sweaters are "the bomb"! It is soooo nice to finish knitting your sweater and being done...instead of looking at the pieces and parts and still facing several hours of work. I will definitely be knitting more of these and recently picked up a pattern for my husband. It's a Knitting Pure and Simple Henley Neck Down Pullover for Men. I will probably use Berrocco Comfort for this sweater in the Military colorway. Here's a picture of my sweater.
I'm also knitting socks...of course! I have finished the first sock of a pair of Milanese Lace Socks from the More Sensational Socks and have also cast on the Embossed Leaves Socks in Favorite Socks.

For those of you on Ravelry, stop by at Rasaknits. Any knitters that haven't yet heard about Ravelry, check it out at .

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sweater Update

I've stayed on task...well...sort of. The sweater is nearly finished - pictures to come soon! I have half of the hood completed. This week I started back on my Mad Color Weave socks - second sock is down to mid-gussett. I received a swift and ball winder recently - it was fun winding all my recently purchased hanks of yarn...the simple pleasures in life!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweater Update

I've been staying on task with my top-down sweater: the body is done and the right sleeve needs only the garter stitch edging and a bind off. That leaves only the left sleeve and hood to complete and I'll be done. I like this pattern - it's a fast knit...but a boring knit. As a result, my socks have not moved anywhere - I'll really be ready to dive back into them when I'm done!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Overdue Post

My blog has suffered lately because my fingers have been busy! Finally, my husband's sweater is done - even the loose threads have been woven in! I got him to model it this evening, so here it is...

The next project I finished were my jaywalker socks.And now that one pair is complete, I just had to cast on another pair. Last week I purchased some Soxx Appeal by Knit One Crochet Too. It is 96% superwash merino, 3% nylon and 1% elastic - it's smooshy much like Fixation by Cascade. I've cast on the Embossed Leaves pattern from the Favorite Socks book by Interweave Knits.

I am also working on the second of the Mad Color Weave Socks, although I haven't gotten very far on it.

And lastly, I've been working on my sweater that was cast on back in the spring. It's a top down tunic sweater with a hood. I must say, after all the socks I've knit lately (Lacy patterns and all), this is really a boring knit - stockinette forever!Well...back to knitting!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to sweater

I finished the "pieces parts" of a sweater for my husband back in early March...of course, I didn't finish it then. I sat down today and finished a shoulder and a half..still have half a shoulder to go...the neck ribbing and sew up the sides...then I'll be done, but I know that's a ways off...oh well! Once I get done with that, I'll have to go back to my sweater - it's a top down sweater and I would like to get it done before our trip to Ireland in October. That would mean a slow down in my sock projects...that'll be happen painful! Ah, the sacrifices we knitters make!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The first of the Mad Color Weave socks is done! I finished it this past weekend. The yarn (Koigu) is made for these socks.

Having finished the first one, I cast one the second and knit the cuff. I'm ready to launch into the pattern again.

I also did some work on my Jaywalker. That one has the heal flap done and I'm ready to pick up stitches and start the gusset.

I added to my stash due to a sale on Interlacements Tiny Toes at Simply Socks Yarn Co. - yarn for 3 more pairs of socks! I must admit, I have difficulty passing up sock yarns on sale...

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weekend Travels

I'll be gone this weekend...of course...I'm taking knitting with that I'm on the correct path with this pattern! I'll be in Milwaukee for Irish Fest. It will be a blast...regardless of the weather!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Knitting mistakes

All the knitting I did on Monday night got ripped out yesterday and re knit...I hate when that happens!!! I was sure there was something wrong with the pattern...but alas, it was my mistake. I am working on the Mad Color Weave sock (which I have really grown to love) and am down to the heal flap...I just kept on knitting without paying attention to the fact that I had cast on the next size up, not the smallest, as a result of the designer's comments. Now I am glad that I ripped it out 'cause it really looks nice...major error free! Ah...the joys of knitting!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Socks Update

I promised pictures of the completed socks. Here they are. The Seduction Socks are complete.

Here's the first of the Jaywalkers knit with Felici (KnitPicks). The second one has been cast on and progress is being made.I've also made some progress on the Mad Color Weave sock . At first I wasn't sure whether I liked the sock or not, but kept knitting. Now that several inches are knitted...I really like it...especially with the Koigu I'm using.I've also got about an inch of the I Love Gansey sock knitted...not enough yet to really see the pattern...stay tuned...picture coming soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

2 more socks done

Just a post to let you know that I have finished the pair of Seduction Socks and the first sock of a pair of Jaywalkers. I also cast on the "I Love Gansey Sock" using Knitpicks Essential in dusk. Pictures to follow later today or tomorrow.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

The baby blanket is finished and the baby isn't due until August 22! Finished size 25 X 32.
Here's the second of the seduction socks - the heal is turned and I'm on the gusset.The second sock I'm working on is the Jaywalker knit with Felici from Knit Picks. This is the first of the pair.The third sock I cast on is Mad Color Weave by Christine Lorin. This sock is being knit with Koigu on size 2 needles.The next sock I'm going to cast on is the Six Sox Knitalong pattern for August/September "I Love Gansey Sock" by Janine Le Cras. This sock will by knit with Essential Sock yarn from KnitPicks in the color dusk (a solid blue). I just got this pattern and it is truly lovely. Hope to post some pictures of it soon!

Check out Golden Purl's contest . Good luck and don't forget to tell her who sent you!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sock update

I don't feel this has been a very productive week...well, almost 2 weeks (since my last post). I finally finished the first of the Seduction socks and have cast on , knit the leg and started the heel flap of the second sock.
In the meantime, my order from KnitPicks arrived. They had all of their books on sale for 40% off...I had to invest in a few: The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe, Book of Patterns by Ann Budd, Favorite Socks from Interweave, More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I couldn't help myself and had to order sock sock yarn. I ordered some new Felici (superwash Merino and Nylon) in Clay and immediately cast on a pair of Jaywalkers by Grumperina. I also ordered some Essential Solid in dusk and will be casting on Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt from the Interweave collection book. While knitting my Jaywalkers, one of my brand new Ebony Lantern Moon Sox Stix broke :(.

This past week, my friend Annie wound 2 skeins of Koigu for me. I purchased these a couple of weeks ago and just found the "perfect" pattern - Mad Color Weave by Christine (Tina) Lorin .
I also spent some time on the baby blanket I'm knitting. It measures 24 X 19...not much more to go and that will be finished...YEAH! Just in time - baby due next month.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seduction Socks

Now that the Monkeys are done, I promised that I would go back to working on the baby blanket...and I did...for a little while. Then my thoughts started to wander to my next pair of socks. I went through my notebook of patterns and ran across the Seduction Socks from Interweave Knits (Ann Budd pattern). Once I decided on the pattern, I had to get into my stash and decide on the yarn. I ran across a yarn I purchased earlier this year. This is a yarn that I believe is discontinued - Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband...made in Switzerland. I had bought some of their yarn several years ago and fell in love with it, so when one of the local yarn shops obtained a "lot" of it, I jumped on the chance to purchase more. The thing I really liked about it was that matching reinforcing thread was included with each skein; of course, that is once I figured out what the thread was for...took me awhile. So the color I'm working with is a royal blue with with a ply of variegated pink and white thread running through it some nice texture and I'm using size 2 needles.
By the way...note that I now have sock forms! I purchased these on line at Ebay from CHAPPY'S FIBER ARTS AND CRAFTS. They are oak with cute little acorns cut out on set of pictures, I'll include a full size picture.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Monkey Socks Done

I've completed the Monkey Socks (first SOS pair)! This is a fun pattern to knit...and maybe because I knit them on size 2 needles, the project seemed to go pretty fast. This has to be my all time record knitting socks - just under a week. The color of this yarn is really beautiful. I like it so much that I picked up another Koigu color for another pair of socks! Today I also broke down and invested in the Lantern Moon Ebony Sox Stix in size 1 - another pair of socks waiting to happen!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pomatomus Completed

YEAH! I finally finished my Pomatomus socks - I love them! It feels so good to have them finished! Thanks to Cookie for the pattern!
Now that these socks are finished, I've moved on to the Monkey socks. I am knitting them on size 2 needles using Koigu yarn. I've also done a bit of work on the baby blanket, as well as a baby bib that I started a while ago. Back to knitting!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Menehune Cobblestone Socks finished

I started these socks some time ago, but other projects kept getting in the way. This morning, I finally finished them! YAHOO!! So, here they are:

They are knit with Katia Mississippi 3 (cotton/acrylic yarn) on size 0 needles. The pattern is available on the Crystal Palace Yarn site and is called the Menehune Cobblestones. The pattern calls for Panda Cotton and I may knit another pair out of that yarn. Now I'll pick up the second of my Pomatomus socks and finish it. Then I can start several new socks (it's my incentive to finish the Pomatomus - they are such nice socks)!!

Here is my knitting fan. His name is Peppy and he often sits and watches me knit - sometimes likes to play with the yarn. He's 15.5 years old.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Victorian Lace Socks Done

I finished the socks yesterday, and plan to where them today!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Weekly Update

I finished the first of my Victorian Lace Socks and am nearly finished with the second - about 2 inches of the foot and then the toe to go! These really are beautiful socks and the yarn feels sooooo good!

This week, I also got a chance to spend some time on the baby blanket started last week. I have 9 inches done. I spent an afternoon at the car dealer's getting my vehicle repaired and spent the time working on the blanket. Time well spent...although pretty expensive.

A friend of mine also helped my stash grow. She passed on some lace weight yarn (light blue) and a pattern for very pretty lacy socks using that yarn. This pair of socks will be lovely...but it will be a while before I start on the project. She also passed on more lace weight yarn (pink variegated) that will probably become a shawl in the future, as well as 2 skeins of Euroflax in bright red and dark blue. I have a T-shirt planned for next year, but needed 3 more skeins. I purchased 3 skeins of natural linen that looks so nice with the other 2 skeins.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Another pair finished

I finished the second of my Fixation socks - see April 29th time flies...didn't realize it took so long to knit the second sock!

The Crystal Palace Panda Cotton arrived in the mail - what wonderfully soft yarn! I could not resist any longer and had to cast on my Victorian Lace Socks that I'm knitting with the Six Sox Knitalong group. It is really a pretty pattern! As you can see, I just turned the heel and am starting the gusset.

I have also cast on a baby blanket for a friend. The pattern is Rib Check Baby Blanket found at . I am knitting is using a strand of Dreambaby DK and a strand of Dreambaby Kokonut DK (sadly no longer available). The blanket is being knit on Size 9 circular needles. I have to thank The Yarn Shop in Columbus ( for locating the yarn. Kokonut is such nice yarn and was discontinued 2 years ago...but there is still some of it out there if you look hard enough!

For those in the Cleveland area, Yarn Knit by Sue is moving from their location at 22580 Lorain Road and is having a 40% off sale. See details at Well worth the trip. My sock stash grew - Trekking XXL, Austermann Step with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil, Wildfoote, Froelich, Regia Silk Color. That will keep me busy for a while.

Today was International Knitting in Public Day and I went to one of my favorite yarn shops, River Colors to knit outdoors. What a beautiful day for it! By the way, River Colors ( is having their annual sale through the 16th, and of course...I had to buy yarn. I bought some of my favorite felting yarns for purses...Manos del Uruguay. Aren't they great colors?!

Knitting awaits me...

Monday, June 4, 2007

No. 2 Broadripple

Finally, sock no. 2 of the Broadripple pair is done! I knitted through the winning Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game - GO CAVS!!! What an exciting game and time for Cleveland - you can just feel the excitement in the air...maybe that spurred me on to work that much harder and finish my sock!
Now on to my other 2 pairs of the meantime, the Panda Cotton yarn should arrive so that I can cast on my Victorian Lace socks.

Friday, June 1, 2007


Another sock finished - the first of the Broadripple pair is complete. What a great pattern - care of This pattern was created for Cascade Fixation, so it worked out great! I've also cast on the second sock and the second sock of the Cobblestone pattern.

I've joined the Six Sox Knitalong group and just saw the pattern for June/July. I've decided to knit the socks with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. Of course, I didn't have that yarn in my stash, so I had to order some. I can't wait 'til it gets here so that I can start those socks! Plan to use my "waiting time" finishing up my 3 pairs of summer socks that are on the needles now! I better get going! I'll have some great knitting time tomorrow - the Cavs game is on! GO CAVS!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Cobblestone sock 1 done

Over the weekend, I finished the first of the my Cobblestone socks.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I've been tagged

Info:So this is how it works: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged need to write on their own blog those 7 facts as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog.

1. On June 11th, I'll be married 30 years.
2. I play fiddle - traditional Irish music.
3. I am blessed to have many good friends!
4. I am the oldest of 6 - I love my siblings dearly!
5. I've been knitting for 2.5 years and am totally addicted - my friends would attest to that.
6. Thrilled that summer is here - I love to eat summer fruits - peaches, nectarines, watermelon, berries, etc.
7. Work part time in a real estate office as an assistant to a realtor - have to fight the urge to get my license because I don't want a full time job!

Tag - you are it! Sorry ladies...keep it going!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sock 1 Pomatomus Done!

Yahoo! Finally, I finished the first sock and have cast on the second. I was in Chicago visiting a friend this past weekend, so I had plenty of travel time to work on it. It feels sooooo good!

Interesting coloration in the first picture. The colors in the second are more accurate...mind you, I like the colors in the first pic! First one taken in the evening sun.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally a finished project!

I promised pictures in my last here they are:

The baby sweater is finally finished!
Here's the Cascade Fixation sock I tried to describe in my last post. The heel is done and I'm on the gusset.
Here's the sock knit with Katia. You have to look closely in the picture to see the cobblestones - they are seperated by some purl stitches.
Lastly, I got the Mason Dixon Knitting book from the library. It has some great patterns in it. One of the projects I started was a baby bib knit with Peaches-n-Cream, a cotton yarn. Someday, I dreaming of knitting the mitered square blanket found in this book. See a completed blanket at (one of my favorite blogs).
I haven't done much work on my Pomatomus sock - only about 2 inches of the foot is done - that means there's still alot to knit on that one. I'm going to Chicago to visit a friend this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some work done on it in the airport and during the flight.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Knitting update

I've been very busy with other things and my knitting has suffered!

No pictures this week...just an update.

Baby sweater - finished the second sleeve and am ready to pickup stitches for the body.

Pomatomus socks - finished the heal and gusset of the first sock - foot and toe to go. I cannot say enough about what a beautiful pair of socks these are going to be. The pattern is awesome!

Fixation socks - second green sock is at the gusset...then foot and toe and a pair will be complete! I cast on another pair of fixations - the color is a pinkish salmon variegated. The pattern I'm knitting for this pair of socks is Broadripple from This pair of socks is also at the gusset of the first sock.

I have some cotton/acrylic yarn that I purchased earlier this year at a shop closing. The yarn is
Katia Mississippi 3 print - very summery colors. The pattern I'm using for this pair is Menehune Cobblestones.

I promise to have pictures of these projects soon! Happy knitting!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Weekly update

This has been a busy week. A friend of mine had an accident recently and is housebound. I am helping to welcome her into the knitting community by teaching her the basics. She's off to a good start and I hope she keeps it up - remember how frustrating it was when you first started!

First my update of the Potamus socks - this is such a great pattern...although very slow going. I've finally turned the heal on the first sock and am picking up the gusset.

Isn't it a great pattern and just perfect for the yarn! I have found the pattern for the Koigu sock yarn - I'll be knitting Falling Leaves by Jessica Landers. This pattern can also be found on the .

I always have what I call a "mindless" project (usually socks) on the needles. I belong to several different organizations and therefore go to a number of meetings...always project in tow. I can listen, and participate when necessary, and still knit. These "mindless" projects have to be something that don't require allot of attention to a pattern. My current "mindless" project is a pair of short ribbed socks knit out of leftover Cascade Fixation (this yarn makes for great summer socks). First sock is done and I've cast on the second in the pair.

The heel and toe are knit with the coordinating solid color, as the variegated is the leftover yarn.

Another friend is pregnant with her second child - due in August, so I've started a sweater - the same top down Plymouth pattern I finished recently. This sweater won't take long. I cast it on Friday evening and you can see how much I finished already.

I've also spent a little time on my Gardien Partie socks. The second of the pair has only 10 more rows of pattern on the foot, the toes and heel to finish and another summer sock with be completed!

My friends think I'm crazy to have soo many projects going at once and wonder how I keep track of each one. The answer is simply that I get bored working on only one project at a time. This way, the yarn and pattern change with every project I pick up. Because I don't have enough projects going at the moment (tongue in cheek), I cast on a lacy shawl. It is a rectangular shawl out of lace weight yarn. Only three rows knit - I'll keep you posted.