Friday, June 1, 2007


Another sock finished - the first of the Broadripple pair is complete. What a great pattern - care of This pattern was created for Cascade Fixation, so it worked out great! I've also cast on the second sock and the second sock of the Cobblestone pattern.

I've joined the Six Sox Knitalong group and just saw the pattern for June/July. I've decided to knit the socks with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. Of course, I didn't have that yarn in my stash, so I had to order some. I can't wait 'til it gets here so that I can start those socks! Plan to use my "waiting time" finishing up my 3 pairs of summer socks that are on the needles now! I better get going! I'll have some great knitting time tomorrow - the Cavs game is on! GO CAVS!!!

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Annie said...

You are a madwoman, Rasa! That must be why you inspire me so! I haven't started mine yet, but soon. Hope you can join me and Donna on Tuesday...that'll be it for our regularly scheduled meetups. Have a great weekend:)