Friday, May 18, 2007

Finally a finished project!

I promised pictures in my last here they are:

The baby sweater is finally finished!
Here's the Cascade Fixation sock I tried to describe in my last post. The heel is done and I'm on the gusset.
Here's the sock knit with Katia. You have to look closely in the picture to see the cobblestones - they are seperated by some purl stitches.
Lastly, I got the Mason Dixon Knitting book from the library. It has some great patterns in it. One of the projects I started was a baby bib knit with Peaches-n-Cream, a cotton yarn. Someday, I dreaming of knitting the mitered square blanket found in this book. See a completed blanket at (one of my favorite blogs).
I haven't done much work on my Pomatomus sock - only about 2 inches of the foot is done - that means there's still alot to knit on that one. I'm going to Chicago to visit a friend this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some work done on it in the airport and during the flight.

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linda said...

I love that baby sweater! And the socks, too. What is the pattern again? See you soon????