Saturday, August 11, 2007

Socks Update

I promised pictures of the completed socks. Here they are. The Seduction Socks are complete.

Here's the first of the Jaywalkers knit with Felici (KnitPicks). The second one has been cast on and progress is being made.I've also made some progress on the Mad Color Weave sock . At first I wasn't sure whether I liked the sock or not, but kept knitting. Now that several inches are knitted...I really like it...especially with the Koigu I'm using.I've also got about an inch of the I Love Gansey sock knitted...not enough yet to really see the pattern...stay tuned...picture coming soon.

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Jean said...

They all look great! I especially like your Koigu for the Mad Color Weaves. I think that pattern is a bit of an acquired taste. I liked it more and more as I was knitting it. And I love my finished mad weaves. They are some of my most favorite and most worn socks.