Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stitch and Pitch

Stitch and Pitch is in Cleveland tonight - can't wait! It'll be fun sitting in the stands with other knitters...knitting away during the game and trying to juggle a beer at the same time! I sure hope the Indians pull out a win - the weather is perfect, we'll be knitting at the game (now that's perfection), and a win would be super -making it a perfect night!!!

I finished my second baby sweater set. The shower is in July...I can't make it, but my gift will!

And I finished a sweater for Daniel. His first birthday is in August...another one I'll miss.

And last, but not least, I knit my very first lacy scarf. I suppose I was intimidated by the shawl - it's so big; so I took a smaller step and knit the scarf. I fell in love with the pattern a couple years ago, but didn't think I had the skills needed to knit it...silly me! One of the things I should have learned about knitting at this point is to fear nothing...just take the first step and cast on. The rest will come...and it did! Those last two sentences are pretty profound (if I may say so myself) - don't they apply to most things in life?!

1 comment:

Library Mary said...

I love the lacy scarf/shawl....beautiful.

I need one of those!

See you soon Rasa