Sunday, February 10, 2008

Story and Updates

In my post of January 21, I alluded to a story I would share. Well, here it is. I decided in early fall (plenty of time ahead), that I would knit a pair of socks for my non-knitting friend Kathy, who's birthday is February 1st. I chose Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn in the Tahoe colorway. The pattern I used was from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch - Milanese Lace, a ten line pattern repeat. Really quite lovely! I finished the first sock - it was nearly perfect. I cast on the second sock and flew through that one...except that the seond sock was not the same size as the first what?! I decide that I had to knit another sock...and hoped that I had enough yarn! No problem... I did and the second sock was measured a little more diligently. Now I have a pairless sock and not enough yarn to make a matching sock...I'll have to order another skein I supose.

This past weekend was productive...I finished two projects in my bag. The first was the second sock of a pair for Danny (a friend's son). The socks were knit with the left over yarn a pair of monkey socks that I am in the midst of knitting.

The next project I finished was a Lucy bag knit with Noro Kureyon in a green/purple/grey/navy colorway. Here's a picture of the bag while underway...right now it's drying - was felted this afternoon. Watch for a finished picture to be posted later this week. Now I'm back to my husband's sweater and two pairs of socks that are currently on the needles!


Sourire11 said...

Thanks for your congratulations! I love your suggestion - that would be a fun yarn to dye... lots of different greens... hmmmm. Oh and I entered you into my contest!

Library Mary said...

Rasa.......while searching for knitting and crochet blogs, I came across yours. Who'd have thought???....Rasa: Super Blogger!
Multi-talented you are!!

Hope you are well, enjoying summer and knittin' up a storm.

See you in September when our meetings start up again.

Take care and GREAT socks.