Friday, January 5, 2007

New Yarn

Update on hubby's sweater - I've finally reached the armpit bind-off...not much more to go of the front! Yahooo!!

Yesterday's mail brought an awaited box. I received my Burly Spun by Brown Sheep. This yarn was purchased for the Knitting Pure and Simple Weekend Neck Down Pullover #224. I'm including the picture from the Knitting Pure and Simple website. This will be my first top down sweater - I've heard so many great things about top down sweaters - namely, no seams to sew! Alas, my cable sweater will have to wait again. With this yarn, this sweater should be a fairly quick knit on size 17 needles!...then I'll get back to the cable sweater.

Well, off I am to knit some more!!!


Annie said...

Love the colors! You'll probably be halfway done with the sweater by the time I see you next!

linda said...

Love it, too! No seams to sew and you can try it on!