Sunday, January 7, 2007


I knit, once a week, with a lovely group of women. They all knit projects that inspire me, and I must say, sometimes lead me astray from the projects I am currently working on. Once again, this has occurred. This past week, I stopped and Annie shared a feather and fan sock pattern with me. For my birthday, the group gave me a gift certificate from a yarn shop (Birds of a Feather). Using the gift certificate, I purchased Interlacements Tiny Toes 406 Fireplace Embers (a truly wornderful sock yarn), and put it aside until I found the "perfect" pattern for this yarn. Thanks Annie - my husband's sweater is getting a rest and I have started one of the socks!

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Annie said...

Aw, my pleasure!! You've led me astray often enough!! Paybacks and all that...
Your sock is looking good.