Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Knitting update

I was able to meet with my knitting friends today - got out of the office early! It was really fun - I'm writing because they were on me for an here goes...

I finished the first sock. Things did not go smoothly...because of yarn and needle size...not the pattern. I knit most of the foot, tried it on and realized it was too big. I tore it out and started the gusset by decreasing every row instead of every other. When I reached the final decrease, I decreased 4 more stiches and continued with the pattern. The socks are really cute. I like the pattern sooo much that I ordered the yarn it calls for - can't wait to knit that pair...see how I am about socks!

The yarn arrived for my husband's sweater, so I've started the second sleeve. I knitted to the first increase on the sleeve last night and went to bed. Today, I took the sleeve with me to the knitting group and started to knit away. I kept knitting, chatting and listening until I looked down to look for the last increase row and realized that I had knit 13 rows, in which there should have been 2 increase rows! That's what I get for knitting without paying I'm in the midst of ripping it out!

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