Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Sock size

Happy Valentines Day to one and all! Well, we have been hit with quite the storm in Cleveland. Most everything is shut down today, so it's going to be a great day to sit and knit as the snow flies!

I've been knitting along on my sock, but I'm disappointed with the way it fits - it's way to big in the instep and foot. I just know I won't be happy with it. It looks like this sock will be a "rip out" project!...sometimes it feels like...boy, I just wasted all that time! Yesterday at the knitting goup, I worked on it for a little bit, but hestated working much more on it until I decided what to I switched over to the sweater sleeve and worked on that. When I came home, the sock was still on my I picked up the other color of yarn (blue) and started to knit the sock on size 2 needles. WOW...what an improvement! The taupe sock I was working on will now be ripped out for sure. Ah...the joys and disappointments of knitting!!!


Annie said...

I didn't realize you ordered two different colors! The blue looks like it will fit much better! It stinks to have to rip out that whole first sock, but when you re-knit it to fit properly you know you'll be glad you did!
You aren't kidding about the weather...I've been knitting on my sock all day!

linda said...

Another snow day for the kiddies, another knitting day for the mommy! Bring it on!
I'm sure you'll be much happier reknitting the sock. (this comes from the sock expert, you know :)