Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Socks

I received yarn in the mail which I had ordered for the Orchard Sock pattern. I so liked that pattern, I just have to knit it in the yarn called for! I started to knit the pattern on size 4 needles (as is called on in the pattern). I finished knitting 2 ribs and decided that I would like the stitches to be a little smaller, so I ripped out and started over on size 3 needles. Big improvement. Here are 2 pictures - one taken with flash (left), one without (right). The yarn color is more accurate in the with flash picture, while the pattern shows up much better in the no-flash picture.

I haven't forgetten the sweater I'm working on...the sleeve is getting done...slowly!


Annie said...

I love your green and pink socks, but this yarn really shows the pattern! Can't wait to see them "live"!

linda said...

Beautiful! Annie's right-the pattern is really popping with this yarn